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Dutch greenhouse technology sets the global standard for commercial horticulture. This section of the website gives an overview of what Dutch greenhouse technology has to offer. Greenhouse technology from the Netherlands has been setting the international standard for horticulture for over a century. The success of the Venlo Greenhouse has made cultivation of all sorts of fruits, vegetables and flowers possible on a commercial scale. Where the grower once was dependent of the climate conditions in their region, thanks to Dutch greenhouse technology, the modern grower can be in absolute control of the climate inside the greenhouse. Today, Dutch technology makes it possible to grow tropical crops, such as tomatoes and peppers, in the cold regions of Siberia and Canada. The other way around, juicy cucumbers and fresh lettuce crops can be cultivated in greenhouses in the deserts of the Middle East and Central America.

Integration of Greenhouse Technology

When investing in modern greenhouse systems, economical consideration is required to apply the right amount of technology into the greenhouse. The perfect level of technology integration will always be on the point where the marginal profit over an x amount of time equals the marginal costs in respect to the investment.

For example, integrating all the technology available into a new greenhouse to have a good vegetable harvest in the summer is a possibility. However, one has to consider the cost of production and the earnings. With low summer prices, it may not be worth the investment to have the greenhouse significantly cooled but the benefits from dosing CO2 may just outweigh the costs of the technological installation.

DutchGreenhouses® and Technology

In this section of the DutchGreenhouses® website, there is a comprehensive overview of proven greenhouse technology applied in Dutch greenhouses across the globe listed in alphabetical order. You may find it a good of starting point for your orientation into the world of commercial greenhouses. Most of the listed technological elements lay in the trusted hands of our technology partners and have been integrated into the DutchGreenhouses® solutions.