Howtogrow Dutchgreenhouses

How to Grow

Greenhouses are historically based on customized designs for each project.

The sizes of the greenhouses have always been limited to the allocation of parcels in The Netherlands. Over the years this has resulted in greenhouses in all shapes and sizes without a Dutch standard.

However, after years of contemplation, engineering and consolidation, standards have now been created. These greenhouse standards are used as a tool for growth, research and decision making.

The pre-designed greenhouses provide growers and investors with information they need, when they need it. By knowing what to grow and where to grow it, the best economics for a greenhouse operation can be determined. With all information at hand from the very beginning, the customers’ interests are served.

The Greenhouses
A numerous pre-designed greenhouse layouts are suited to cultivate a wide variety of crops. They are the result of decades of experience with the Dutch Venlo-model and start from approximately 5.000m2 and end at 40.000m2. The units are all optimized for efficiency and anticipate on growth. The greenhouses can be sized-up to a standardized size of 4 times the unit, which can be spread out over multiple construction phases.

Crop Requirements
The greenhouses come with all the hardware required for a certain crop cultivation. From the hanging gutters for vegetable greenhouses to Ebb & Flow table systems for lettuce cultivation, it has all been pre-designed and integrated within the complete solutions. Options such as grow lights are provided in a comprehensible overview to determine whether they are of added value to the crops.

Climate Requirements
Each greenhouse is designed to preform well in multiple climatic regions. All technical installations related to climate management are on a modular basis to allow an optimal configuration to be made easily. High pressure fogging installations in combination of larger ventilation windows may be required in hotter climates whereas extra heating tubes are required for cold areas.