03. Combined Heat & Power


Procurement is a necessary step in the development of every greenhouse project to remain competitive. After engineering of the greenhouse, the components are procured directly or together with partners.

The advantage of DutchGreenhouses® is that they remain flexible with suppliers. This way, the customer can have its preferred brands installed for alsmost every part.

The procurement of bulk elements is preferred to done locally. This can save significantly in transportation costs and in some cases also in import duties. Together with the customer DutchGreenhouses® investigates the possibilities for local elements at the contracting phase of the greenhouse. Procuring is done after the engineering, making sure the local elements also meet the quality standards of DutchGreenhouses®.

Next to selecting the best materials for the project, with procurement, DutchGreenhouses® also implies selecting the brands with respect to service and maintenance. As Dutch horticulture as spread all over the world, there are many qualified service points around the world. Working together in the project with these local service points at this early stage of the greenhouse project, makes for an overall better customer experience during operation.