Greenhouse Maintenance

Maintenance & Service

DutchGreenhouses® are modern production facilities with many different technical systems. With the highest quality of crops cultivated in the greenhouse, it is of great importance to have everything functioning properly. Downtime is not an option. Although designed as simple and maintenance free as possible, breakdowns of certain systems still can occur.

Because downtime of certain technical installations in the greenhouse can have serious consequences, these elements need to be serviced quickly. DutchGreenhouses® therefore searches for local parties for installation during the construction of the greenhouse. Involving these local technicians during construction can drastically speed up the service time, because they are already familiar with the greenhouse systems.

In the worst case scenario, if the issue cannot be solved by local technicians, DutchGreenhouses® has a pool of DutchGreenhouses® maintenance mechanics that will be flown over to the greenhouse and solve the problem hands-on.

However, prevention is better than cure. The DutchGreenhouses® maintenance mechanics can also be hired for annual maintenance works. Together with the local staff, they inspect and carry out maintenance tasks to the moving elements. This way, downtime can be avoided and local staff is educated to perform simple maintenance tasks themselves. Hiring DutchGreenhouses® maintenance mechanics on an annual basis can significantly prevent problems.