14. Steel Structure


Greenhouse construction is unlike construction in any other industry. Because Dutch greenhouses are built all over the world, the assembling process has been thought through to minimize the works needed on site. The construction is done primarily under supervision of an experienced Dutch greenhouse builder. It is his task to manage the construction site and instruct the available labor forces.

During the engineering and procurement process of the greenhouse, ease of construction / assembling is always kept in mind. To prevent errors, detailed and complex tasks are preferably done during the manufacturing in Dutch factories.

Because there are multiple disciplines involved in greenhouse construction, the DutchGreenhouses® supervisor is often supported by specialistic supervisors. These can be, for example, specialized in irrigation, electricity or heating. Using this approach to construct the greenhouses, keeps the costs of construction to the absolute minimum. Using local labor forces ensures that lodging costs are avoided and tools and equipment don’t have to be shipped to the site.

Involving local construction companies also has another advantage. During the construction period they get familiar with the materials used in the greenhouse and can therefore also perform maintenance works in the future.

Due to regulations and permits, this lean approach is not applicaple in all countries. It is in these countries that DutchGreenhouses® searches for an experienced construction crew to speed up the construction time. In the USA for example, DutchGreenhouses® works with a designated greenhouse construction crew, whereas in Europe an international active company is used to keep costs down.