15. Greenhouse Ventilation Mechanism

Ventilation Mechanism

Ventilation is a crucial tool for growers to create a good growing climate in their greenhouses. Opening from the ridge, the ventilation vents are positioned at the highest place of the Dutch Venlo greenhouse, making it the best position to discharge hot air from the greenhouse. There are several options regarding the ventilation capacity of a Venlo greenhouse, choices can be made between 1 pane-, 2 pane, 3 pane- and 4 pane-ventialtion. The depth of the windows also largely influence the ventilation capacity of the greenhouse.

Push-Pull Mechanism

When it comes to Venlo greenhouses, the push-pull mechanism is the mechanism of choice. The push-pull-tube slides above the upperside of the tellis. The push-pull-tube is connected to the lower aluminium profile of the ventilation-window section by means of push-rods. The amount of push-rods that are required is dependent of the ventilation window size and the windspeeds that are taken into account. Drive motors allow the push-pull-tube to move back and forward and with that, regulating the opening of the vents.