11. Insect Netting

Insect Netting

Insect netting is a straightforward solution to a globally recognized problem. As the name indicates, it is designed to keep harmful insects out of your greenhouse and keeping useful insects inside by applying a netting system in the ventilation windows. With the upcoming cultivation of soft-fruits, insect netting also widely applied to simply keep out birds. The meshes are available with different sizes in openings and can thus be installed to keep out specific species.

Insect Netting System

The netting is mounted in a cassette which can be installed on the ventilation panes. The meshes themselves are folded in such a way that the loss of light stays minimal, as well of the ventilation reduction. Because the insect prevention system brings an increased weight to the greenhouse, this is taken into account into the calculation of a new greenhouse.

Integrated Pest Management

The appliance of insect netting makes Integrated Pest Management much more effective. Growers become more in control of what is in their greenhouses and what not. Combatting a specific pest in the greenhouse becomes a much more accurate endeavor. Pollination also becomes more effective, as the count of bumblebees stays the same from beginning to end.