Timo Raus

Timo is a young professional and has a strong strive to export Dutch horticultural knowledge and technology. In his early years, he grew up in a third world country and had an international education. Back in the Netherlands he followed the Dutch education program. During this period, he always had weekend jobs in greenhouses, harvesting and taking care of a wide variety of crops. With his father as international greenhouse project developer, it was most likely that he would end-up in the industry as well.

After his study at the school of economics at a Dutch university, Timo accompanied his father on a trip to the Middle-East for an exhibition. During this trip he fell in love with the profession and was eager to set out on his own journey. He started his own company to present the greenhouse industry as an online marketplace. The different fields of expertise were presented together on a single platform. This did not go unnoticed and he quickly was recruited for a position as export manager at a greenhouse manufacturer.

Working as an export manager, Timo learned the ins-and-outs about greenhouse technology. His curiosity led him to study crop-physiology and climate management. In the meantime, his business of presenting greenhouse technology changed its course. He discovered that presenting companies was not the best way to make the Dutch greenhouse industry ready for the next generation. This was the start of the journey to take the greenhouse industry to the next level.

Together with his father and a large pool of specialized companies, DutchGreenhouses® was born. A method was found to standardize greenhouses, making Dutch greenhouse technology and knowledge transfer more accessible to the world.