Turnkey Projects

The Dutch Approach to Greenhouses

The Dutch Approach refers to the rich history of The Netherlands in dealing with water safety, urban planning and local participation. Over the years The Dutch Approach has become a notable planning and management practice reaching far beyond water management. It has proven to be an effective method to realize complex planning projects and has been put to the test in a broad range of industries and in military missions.

In all greenhouse projects, alliances are created between different entities to meet the varying demands in the most efficient manner. The standardized greenhouse designs are used as tool for growth, research and decision making. This method makes it able to develop, optimize and integrate complete greenhouse projects with required information on the table.

Another fundamental aspect of The Dutch Approach to Greenhouses makes the local population a key stakeholder in each project. By utilizing local resources for a competitive advantage, a Dutch greenhouse aims to leave behind a heritage of agricultural knowledge, technological improvement and economical well-being.