07 Commercial Greenhouse Construction

Commercial Greenhouse Construction

An efficient workflow defines the Dutch greenhouse construction industry. This is the case for the process of engineering, procurement and especially the construction of the greenhouse. Greenhouses are designed to be assembled easily and quickly. A greenhouse however, is of great value and the consequences of error and success are considerably large.

The greenhouse construction is therefore handled under strict supervision by a professional supervisor. Supervisors are experienced Dutch greenhouse builders who accompany local subcontractors on each step of the assembling process. With clear instruction manuals and videos, the right equipment and a number of local construction companies, a greenhouse is relatively easily and quickly constructed.

The Greenhouse Construction Company
Greenhouses and technical installations are manufactured with great care in Dutch factories. On the building site, however, the greenhouse has to be assembled with a local construction team. This local, designated greenhouse construction company can be any kind of subcontractor, experienced with large machinery and heavy equipment. On each building site, the appointed Dutch supervisor is in charge, guiding and instructing the team.

The technical installations are often carried out by different, specialized supervisors. For heating and irrigation for example, difference supervisors are used to guarantee a proper installation. During the manufacturing of such technical installation it is the aim to educate a selected group of personnel for future maintenance and service operations in the greenhouse. By involving the future staff of the greenhouse operation in the construction and installation works and providing the customers with proper maintenance documentation, personnel can easily carry out most of the maintenance works.