Greenhouse Engineering

After the design phase of a greenhouse, the greenhouse must be engineered to comply with the industry standards and to forfill the technical requirements determined in the designing phase.

The greenhouse engineering is a time-consuming but absolutely critical part of greenhouse development.

DutchGreenhouses® engineering department ensures that the greenhouse complies with the strict Dutch industry standards. TNO, a Dutch knowledge institution, works closely together with the Dutch greenhouse industry to provide a structural engineering package regarding steel, aluminium and ventilation mechanism. Depending on the project, the engineering of the technical systems is done either by DutchGreenhouses® or by its partnering companies. This engineering work makes sure the systems meet the requirements and regulations.

The engineering of a greenhouse also entails the making of factory drawings, building instructions and a complete building manual. Due to the importance of a correct design, manufacturing and assembly, DutchGreenhouses® places great care into the greenhouse engineering.