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Every greenhouse project starts with a plan. A plan to produce vegetables, flowers and plants in a way that is economically feasible. DutchGreenhouses® assists in this initial phase with a conceptual design and pricing.

This greenhouse design will form the basis for further development of the process. The team of DutchGreenhouses® designs the greenhouse for an optimal layout regarding managemement and labour efficiency. Keeping this in mind at the very start of the designing phase, will reduce costs and time on the operational side of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse itself, and its technical installations are all designed according to the highest Dutch standards, ensuring for a safe working environment. The technical requirements are carefully calculated by DutchGreenhouses® and its partnering companies.

DutchGreenhouses® uses a “Venlo” greenhouse span, the most commonly used greenhouse design in Dutch horticulture. Dimensioning the greenhouse is mostly done in a grid of 9 meters (29,5ft) by 9 meters (2 bays of 4,5m). In good consultation with the customer, the most optimal layout is designed with respect to operational procedures.

During the designing phase of the greenhouse, the capital expenditure is also taken into consideration. Every technical system is must be a cost-effective solution to make for an overall feasible greenhouse project. Combining the operational costs with the capital expenditure is the absolute strength of a greenhouse designed by DutchGreenhouses®.