Dutch Greenhouses


We build complete greenhouse projects around the world integrated with high tech Dutch technology.

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Every greenhouse project starts with a plan. A plan to produce vegetables, flowers and plants in a way that is economically feasible.


Greenhouse Engineering

After the design phase of a greenhouse, the greenhouse must be engineered to comply with the industry standards and to forfill the technical requirements determined in the designing phase.

03. Combined Heat & Power


Procurement is a necessary step in the development of every greenhouse project to remain competitive.



DutchGreenhouses® outsources greenhouse manufacturing to a select number of companies. These companies are mostly located in the Netherlands.

DutchGreenhouses® container


For the manufactured greenhouse parts, DutchGreenhouses® takes care of all the logistics.

14. Steel Structure


Greenhouse construction is unlike construction in any other industry.

Greenhouse Management

Greenhouse Management

DutchGreenhouses® has a large network of qualified and experienced growers that provide interim management for greenhouses over the world.

Greenhouse Maintenance

Maintenance & Services

DutchGreenhouses® are modern production facilities with many different technical systems.